-- Assisting Others

----- Redeem - those who need it most

----- Reclaim - their independence

----- Recycle - your old possessions

----- Because EVERY LIFE
----- can use some Assistance

----- Corporate Office:
----- P.O. Box 277 McKinney, TX 75070
----- 469-315-2633
----- kylevanliew@gmail.com
----- Kyle Van Liew - General Manager

----- Assisting Others is a 501 C3 Organization.

Mission Statement

Unlike most Charities and/or Governmental Programs, Assisting Others provides everyday assistance (Grocery Shopping, Home Repairs, Running Errands, etc.) for the Elderly and those with Special Needs.


By providing assistance, and not just funds, Assisting Others seeks to remove the stigma most commonly associated with "entitlements", and providing basic interaction and communication.

Fund Raising

Unlike conventional charities that solicit Funds, Assisting Others seeks to buy, sell, trade, and recycle any and all manner of heavy equipment and vehicles. This provides Assisting Others with numerous avenues of Revenue generation, from selling the equipment for "scrap", to rebuilding the equipment for "sale".

This unique method allows Assisting Others to provide employment for those who might not normally be able to obtain "suitable" work (disabled, post incarcerated, etc.).

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